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Customer Reviews

Huge thank you to Matt, Richard, Josh, Will and Liam for the BEST 10 days of my life. See you next year!!
Sarah, July 2011 - Hideout Festival

Amazing, just amazing. Thanks for making the journey out more enjoyable, met some sound people and most of all cheers for taking the headache out of getting home (apart from the hangover haha).
, July 2011 - Hideout Festival

If there are two chaps who could have done more to accommodate their customers then il be amazed these two chaps made a long journey the best festival in the world a cracking build up and an experience none of us will forget a big thankyou lads keep up the madness
Ben, September 2011 - Outlook Festival

Nice one boys! Definitely won't be driving to Croatia again lol.... but you did a great job organising it all and it was an amazing experience so a massive thank you to you both!!!! Keep up the good work!
Nick, September 2011 - Outlook Festival

Thanks Matt and Rich for the best holiday, hope to see all coach crew in the future!! Peace
Scott, September 2011 - Outlook Festival

Thanks 4 giving me the time of my life boys :)
James, September 2011 - Outlook Festival

Massive love to Matt, Rich and all the coach crew to Outlook. Was awesome to meet you all. Had a wicked time!! xxx
Gracie, September 2011 - Outlook Festival

Like to say a massive thank you to Matt and Rich and the coach drivers for Outlook festival, apologies for not saying a formal good bye but i'm sure you will be seeing my custom again soon in festivals to come. Cheers lads x
Sam, September 2011 - Outlook Festival


We booked hideout festival through you last year and it was great so we want to try and book one of your packages again.
Jade, February 2013

I was blessed enough to have used your services to attend Hideout festival 2012, which may I say, was awesome! and fantastically well delivered by MFH.
Chris G